Specializing in home computer repair and service since 1999.


At Vinnie's, we keep it simple; your computer's attitude needs adjusting, we come to you and do the job. No fuss, no muss, and you'll have an air-tight alibi.

Call Vinnie's now to discuss your PC's problems and needs: 1-800-378-1325.

"Ellen" Mgr. GCC, Inc.

TURN-AROUND TIME was excellent. We don't have time for computers to be down, so having our problems solved quickly is a must.

"Lynn and Sal" Mt. Lebanon

VINNIE HAS done good, thorough work in repairing our computers and in helping elders like us use the thing.

"Karen C." USC

MY SON, JUSTIN was having a lot of problems with his laptop. Vinnie was able to get him back to his schoolwork faster than he would have liked!

Vinnie's Value and Service

Guaranteed Pricing
Those Geeks and Gurus charge by the service; add a few services and bada-bing, you've spent hundreds. Vinnie's hourly rate is guaranteed.
See Pricing for complete details.
Vinnie's Special
Most of those rat-fink viruses on your computer can be knocked off with Vinnie's virus removal and tune-up service.
See Pricing for complete details.
Vinnie's services all PCs and laptops, Windows or Mac. We offer new computer, printer, and/or network setups, and virus removal services, to name a few. Call us with your specific problems or needs: 1-800-378-1325.


Vinnie's Computer Repair
Jacksonville, FL